The objective of Chemistry Classes is to create a difference between cramming and logical learning.

- By D.P Singh

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My name D.P Singh

The objective of Chemistry Classes is to create a difference between cramming and logical learning. Over a period of time our students have developed a passion and love for chemistry.

Success of our students is inspiring and so is faith towards Chemistry-Classes. Our comprehensive program helps the students in bridging the gap between school education and competitive exams preparation. Our student’s success in all India engineering and medical entrance examinations for IIT’s, AIIMS, BITSAT, NIT’s, NEET & KVPY along with remarkable performance in school curriculum without stress and anxiety is always a source of inspiration.

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Dr. Anusha De


“ Best teacher I could ever find. The aura you create in the classrooms is just next level, we got to learn a lot more than just theories given in textbooks. Good communication, the drop and win, quizzes and chocolate questions made learning fun and interesting. I am glad that I could be a part of your classes! Thank you sir for all your efforts and the positive attitude towards all your students ”




Sheetal Sachdeva


“ The way Dinesh sir teaches is remarkable. He puts his best in every class and makes sure that even the most difficult concepts are clear and understood. I have now started to actually enjoy chemistry and understand it. All the quizzes and practice questions help in increasing my confidence, so thank you sir ”




Roohani Arora


“ Hands down the best chemistry teacher one can get he is both a guide and a mentor . The way he approaches a topic is commendable. I am a dropper preparing for NEET 2020 my concepts especially in organic were crystal clear due to sir’s Organized approach. The course has a really competitive feeling with well organized tests too. ”




Dr. Pratibha Arora


“ A student should not write a review of hi/her guru because that is criminal because the relation which sir has with his students is not simply give and take its only give that is one quality hard to match But in this world of ratings and marks and standards i must say that sir is the best At Chemistry classes one has to go unlearn wrong things first and then grasp what sir teaches. To this coaching class and to sir i am indebted for life”




Sumit Gupta


“ Dp sir is an excellent teacher. He is very professional in delivering his lectures and I am able to comprehend all the concepts of chemistry since I have joined him. DPQs are the most important and interesting thing provided to the students in his coaching.This helps us to give better understanding of the concepts and the competitive scenario existing out there. I am very fortunate to find a teacher like him ”



Abhishek Sharma


“ The best chemistry teacher anyone can ever get. A person who can literally be your guiding force. There’s so much you can learn from the classes. The quizzes, the chocolate questions, the seating arrangement.. everything motivates you to excel. All concepts are made clear and every topic is taught in an easy to understand manner. ”


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